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Lovely Mini Mooncakes Recipe for Mid-Autumn Festival

Mini Mooncakes Recipe for Mid-Autumn Festival  For these mini mooncakes, I have added custard powder. Together with the fragrance of custard powder, it also gives a smooth and softer texture. A tasty blend of tastes such as the sweet lotus seed paste, salty egg yolk and smooth fragrant mooncake skin is a delight to savor. Hope… Read More

Healthy and Refreshing Lettuce Salad Recipe

Lettuce Salad Recipe Friends, introduce you a easy to prepare, healthy and refreshing lettuce salad. 3 varieties of lettuce are used together with baby cherry tomatoes, pea sprouts and crunchy zucchini. The dressing gives a sweet and sour combination taste to add tasty flavor to this healthy salad. Veggies Ingredients : – Baby butterhead lettuce… Read More

Savory Curry Lentils With Chicken Recipe

Curry Lentils with Chicken Recipe Happy to share flavorsome curry lentils with chicken recipe with you.This dish is easily cooked for about 15 minutes. This makes it a quick and easy to cook dish. It is healthy and delicious. Chicken breast meat is chosen as a healthier choice. I often cook this dish for my family.… Read More

Tasty Mixed Sushi Set Meal

Mixed Sushi Set Meal Friends, happy to share my favorite mixed sushi sets. Tasty salmon sushi is my favorite. My son likes unagi (eel) sushi. Dipped with wasabi and sushi soba (soya sauce) it is a savory treat. Its so enjoyable when the spicy rush of wasabi. A good day or evening to You.

Colorful Capsicums

Colorful Capsicums Capsicum is one of my favorite veggies. They  are colorful, sweet and juicy with a mild pepper flavour. Crunchy and refreshing, I enjoy savoring them I use them for cooking dishes and salad. Below are 2 of the dishes I cook. Happy to share them with you friends. 1. 2.

Tasty Mini Custard Puffs Recipe

Mini Custard Puffs Hello friends, it is a joy to share with you mini custard puffs, a yummy dessert I like to bake for my family. This dessert is good for gatherings and parties etc.. It is soft, fluffy with custard fragrance that is a savory delight. To have a successful puff pastry, precise measurement… Read More

Savory Bento Set Meals

Bento Set Meal Happy to share with You scrumptious Bento set meals which have different combinations of meats, veggies and rice full of tasty flavors. For every Bento or set meal, you can choose your favorite combination to mix and match. It is versatile and a delight to savor. Set meal comes with kelp Miso soup,… Read More