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Adorable Cat Sleeping Soundly In A Flower Pot

Adorable Cat Sleeping Soundly in A flower Pot

Oh !!!  So cute, the cat was sleeping soundly in a flower pot, I guess it was having  a beautiful dream.

As I was on my way home, I spotted this cat sleeping soundly with the face down to the soil in a flower pot. I quickly dash  home to take my camera, hopefully that the cat is still sleeping so that I can  take a photo.

I was so happy when I rush down, the cat was still sleeping. Worried that I might wake it up,  with my camera ready, I quietly walked near the cat,  push down the button of the camera, Yeah!  photo successfully taken.

Adorable Cat Sleeping Soundly In The Flower Pot

But the cat slowly wake up, I believe this was due to the ‘click’ sound of my camera. It looks sleepy and was then leaped to another flower pot.

Cat waken by my camera's 'click' sound

The sleepy cat curled  itself  under the plant for quite a while, I couldn’t see it and thought that it might went back to sleep again.  I waited patiently for quite some time, finally it stuck out the head with eyes closing.  Oh my,  I better leave and not disturb it anymore.

Cat woke up and moved to another flower pot


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