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Adorable Funny Cat or Kitten Bath Videos

Have Laughter at Funny Cat or Kitten Bath Videos. Some of them hate bath, some like them. It depends on their individual thinking and feelings. My goodness, they have their reasons on what makes them like and what makes them hate bathing. Below is a compilation of videos that I hope You can enjoy viewing at your leisure. Enjoy !!

Video Source: Anthony Zheng Gao

1) Cat Tigger Keeps on Meowing and Tries to Run Away from Bathing

Video Source: LiquidKool440
Video :

My goodness it Meows in such a frustrated way and opens the door rushes and gets brought back in for its dreaded bath. Haha SO Cute and Funny.

2) Cat Grabs the Singlet of his Friend resisting bath

Source: SHANEE1923

Oh My, Cat is really resistant. First it grabs singlet with its cute paws then holds on to the edge of bath tub only to relent to bath later. Haha Cute!

3) 2 Kittens Having a Time of Their Cat Lives

Inspired from : TheStereohero
Video :

Haha, These Kittens bite each other’s tail and as they move around the tub enjoying the bath tub experience. Good to Them !! What a Enjoyment for Them !!

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