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Affiliate Compensation Disclosure


1.Short Form Disclosures. The following is a list of disclosure rules and sample disclosures to be placed conspicuously near the Triggering Call To Action (“Triggering CTA”). Examples of Triggering CTAs would be an affiliate link or any other call to action for a referral in your capacity as an affiliate that may lead to possible compensation. Additional disclosures are required to be posted and linked at the bottom of website pages (for these, generate Affiliate Disclosures For Websites


1.1Disclosure rules for short form disclosures:

* Compensation Is The Key. The fact that you’re being compensated is the key to the disclosure, so the disclosure must make it clear from the start that you are compensated for your recommendation or review. Compensation should be disclosed first – in the title of the Disclosure or at the beginning of the disclosure – not later, and certainly not buried in legalese.

* Use The Word “Disclosure” In The Disclosure Title. The recommended title for the disclosure is “Affiliate Compensation Disclosure”.

* Conspicuous Display. The disclosure should be conspicuous, essentially unavoidable. It must stand out from the other text. It should be at least as large as the other text. Colored text is recommended.

* No Scrolling or Clicking – the disclosure should be immediately visible. The consumer should not be required to take any action to view it, including scrolling or clicking. Note that this requirement applies to the short form disclosure. So, the short form disclosure should itself stand on its own feet by satisfying these rules; the link to the long form disclosure should be only for purposes of providing additional information.

1.2Sample short form disclosures:

* Compensation Disclosure: We are compensated for our recommendations and reviews. Click here for more information. (“here” should be the anchor text for a link pointing to your Affiliate Disclosure page).

* Compensation Disclosure: We are compensated as an affiliate for our recommendations of products or services of others. Click here for more information.

* Compensation Disclosure: We receive compensation as an affiliate for recommendations. Click here for more information.

* Compensation Disclosure: We’re compensated for recommendations. Click here for more information.

* Compensation Disclosure: As an affiliate, I will receive compensation based on sales of products/services recommended in this newsletter; however, I always give my honest opinions and recommendations. Click here for more information.

* Compensation Disclosure: I am compensated for my recommendations in this newsletter. Click here for details.

* For a disclosure on Twitter where characters are limited, select one of these: “#paid” or #ad”.

2.More Information. For more information, visit these resources:

* FTC’s Revised Endorsement Guides –

* FTC’s .com Disclosures –

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