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Anime Figure Making Process

You must love Anime Characters To Make Them, So Watch The Series of Videos Below To Get A Feel of What its like To Make Anime Figures

 Making Arms and Legs

When I saw the Video i must admit, it is not so easy for me if i were to make such a realistic anime hands and legs. The whole video is 5 minutes and it is speed up video. Do you see how small the whole figure is, it is the size of a human hand. Personally my best guess of making such a anime figure is to start with a bigger one. But this video is good enough to show you the advanced. You may think that the big anime figurines are hard to make. But after seeing this video i realised for a small size, you need to have nimble fingers and be very careful. It seems that the person Frikimidz uses home made wax. I would prefer ready made ones. This video can be for your reference if you want to do it all self made.

Making The Head

The head is super complicated to make. The process involves alot of steps. I mean how do you make an angle for the cheeks? Maybe for some of you its easy if you had a lot practice or you are from an art school. Its is worth a try, but i think its take some amount of practice to get till the stage seen in the video. It could you are talented. Do it give a try.

Now the Torso, the hardest part I feel

I thought the head was the hardest part, i am wrong, its the freaking Torso or you can say its the main body. There so many steps. It could be easy for you. Hope it is easy. Of course making your own anime figures is way cheaper. But alot time is used. Bear in mind, its fast forward video of 4 mintues. And the guy is an expert in it. Ready made ones for assembly are actually better. They save time and effort.

Personally, i prefer ready made ones. The ready made wax parts just need to assembled and painted. I mean after seeing the video, i believe if you want to make your own wax, craft out the shape of body, hands, legs and head, it is not easy.

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