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Beautiful Indian Songs and Soundtrack from Movie Kisna

Beautiful Song Compilations. First is a beautiful duet song “Hum Hain Is Pal Yahan” followed by touching “My wish comes true”, lastly, itunes preview of instrumentals. Enjoy listening to them.

Video Source: Rajshri

Anthony’s feelings of this song.

“Soft tender and touching to the heart.”

Its like a prince and princess in love with each other singing together. They are intertwined together in their hearts with longing, love, tenderness and care. Generally speaking, its a loving and tender song that moves the heart. Hurray to true love.”

What My Mum Stella San’s feels about this song?

“This music video with song touched my heart deeply.”

In this music video, these 2 childhood lovers are deeply in love. In the movie, though they love each other very much but they could not be together in the end. The scenes in this music video capture moments when they are together. With the beautiful song in the background, I watched this music video again and again.”

Music video of song “My wish comes true”

Video Source: Neha More

“Anthony feels that the song is about the moment in love, that beautiful touching moment of love. Enjoy listening to it very much!!”

“Stella feels that this song “My wish comes true is equally touching as “Hum Hain Is Pal Yahan”. For this song, I like Indian tune at 3 minutes 47 seconds very much.”

You can get the song from below

For A Preview of the beautiful instrumental soundtracks,check out itunes below. You can click on view, on itunes page, click view on itunes, click launch application to listen. Click on the play button on the left of each song title to listen. Look for song numbers 13,14,15,16.


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