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Benefits of Hobby

My take on Hobby Benefits

1) Build Your Skill Level. Whether you are exercising, watching movies or even drawing photography all require skill. What watching Movies. There are tons of movie review sites and what is your view point, what is your philosophical view. Whether it is action based, arty farty or inspiration sports, inspiration movies. Well the obvious one is what i am doing blogging. Do something that increases your skills. Blogging increases your writing, thinking and researching skills. For exercising, you can read guides, engage a trainer or even take a course for fun to improve your skill level.

2) Have Fun Doing Hobbies You like.  There must be other things that are fun and keeps you feeling like this–> I am Freaking Happy To Be Alive and I got A Super Great Goal to Achieve –> Watch and Critique a Movie and blog about it. What can it do to you? When you blog, you release your emotions thoughts and feelings. Its like you got a lot to say but you just want to say and just want someone to listen to you. Thats a good way. Play Games because its like you are in this mode i get to play my favourite character in the game and you are all excited.

3) Becoming a expert in your hobby if you can. Whether you are a gamer pro or even if you collect stamps or dollar bills. You know what it can translate to cash and become your lifelong treasure business opportunity. I mean if you are pro gamer, you can join gaming competitons and earn serious cash, With the cash, you can like review games online in forums or even blog about it. And the best is you are the professional in that are. Gaming, blogging, watching movies, building muscles 6 packs gives you sense of achievement. Well if you love and you seriously will do it your whole life, then might as well aim to be good at it.  Enjoy and have the positive spirit and attitude. I believe something positive will happen eventually. You just have to positive and work towards become an expert. And i Strongly believe, we have hobbies we love, we are good at and we enjoy most probably our whole life if possible.

Anyways, i found out about a great video that talks about Finding the hobby you love below

Great Ideas for Hobbies

Video Source: angepeters from

One idea i like is about cooking. Cooking new fresh healthy meals. Can be hobby. Since some people think baking cakes and delicacies are hobbies, why not cooking. There are plenty of shows like master chef in the US talking about cooking. Some of them are hobby cooking people, they are not chefs and they cook pretty great according to the judges.

Goodness, There are many fun hobbies to do, write down in a note pad either digital or a real paper note pad! I personally like a digital laptop. Come up with a list, research, read online. Alot alot alot of info online. So take your time, you can even try out some of them and reflect on your experiences with them. Keep life interesting. Be Full of Passion Fun and Dreams.

Hurray To Hobbies


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