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Board Games Hobby – Fun And Interactive

Enjoy Interact and Have Fun With Friends And Family Via Board Games

 My Personal Pick for Friends or Family would be Super Monopoly

 Video On Super Monopoly

Video Source: bonecanoe86 from

You can get feel of how This Super Monopoly is played. I think it is a more easier and when play as a family it builds alot communication and conversations.

Take a look at the excerpt from boardgamegeek forum

Every single property that’s landed on goes up for auction immediately. The person who lands on the property gets to bid at the listed price first, and if there are no other takers s/he gets it for that price. But other players can start the bidding at 10% more, and go from there.


From a real user, (AustralianJeremy), he says that the property anyone lands is up for auction. You may wonder why that rule? Simple, regardless, the will be interaction and discussion. Not bargaining. Maybe even cooperation between 2 people who split half the costs and profits. You can learn to discuss with solutions tactics strategies with respect and also cooperation. Ultimately, the game should be enjoyable and interactive. If anyone lost money in monopoly and feel really bad or even negative, talk to them calmly and comfort them.

This game also teaches kids and adults alike to be honest in transcations, always double the money given and taken. Now parents have a reason to tell their kids to be honest in whatever they do.

I would say Super Monopoly which is more family oriented lets us understand our family better. How they think? How do they react when they lost money or made money through monopoly? How do they interact with you? There are many situations,interactions and reactions going on, so take your time to understand and notice them.

Below is a list of top 10 Board Games from toptens website that you can explore with your friends and family

1) Monopoly
2) Chess
3) Risk
4) Clue
5) Settlers of Catan
6) Checkers
7) Battleship
8) Scrabble
9) Ticket To Ride
10)Snakes and Ladders

For more info from toptens website and comments from users click the link below

Well some of them like chess and checkers are one on one, solution for families is to have mini competition with time limits and a judge. This is a fun idea because, you take turns to be judges, timekeepers and players, you can even have a chief judge. So kids or parents learn leadership, responsibility and fairness.

These are some of the ideas which i think are great, so check them out and come up with excellent ideas for Your Families and Friends.


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