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Foods and Fruits To Increase DNA Repair Enyzmes

Friends, check out video presentation from Doctor Michael Greger on Foods and Fruits to Increase DNA Repair Enyzmes. A plant based diet is essential for repair. He shares studies and figures with you on this topic as well. Video compiled by: Video Source and Credits To Doctor Michael Greger 1. Kiwifruit helps… Read More

Discover Health benefits of Peanuts From Doctors

Friends, nuts have health benefits. Discover health benefits of peanuts from Dr Michael Greger and Dr Barry Sears. Dr Michael explains how peanuts prevent breast cancer through studies. While Dr Barry explains a variety of benefits. Hope You find it useful. Enjoy watching video below. Video Compiled by: Video source: 1. Breast… Read More

Health benefits of Raisins From Studies and Comparisons

Friends, check out Video below on Rasins Health Benefits. Studies and Comparisons are presented to You by Dr Michael Greger from Hope this video benefits You. Enjoy watching. Videos are compiled by: Video Source: 1. Comparisons 2. Garlic and Raisins to Prevent Premature Birth 3. Athletic Performance Video… Read More

A Plant that Grows On A Tree

Plant Grow on Tree This tall tree  caught my attention.  The tree trunk was surrounded by another plant with roots clinging on outside of  this tree