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How To Bend Wood For Furniture Video Tutorial

Friends, share with small and large scale method of How To Bend Wood For Furniture. One method uses glue and plastic wrapper. The other uses Hot Steam Styrofoam Box. Enjoy Learning From Video Below. Video compiled by: Yeah Like Video Is Sourced from Individuals and Youtube Channel With Thanks To Them. 1) Using Glue… Read More

Beautiful Red Pentas Lanceolata – Egyptian Starcluster

Pentas Lanceolata (Star Flower)

My Friends, I discovered this beautiful red pentas Lanceolata (Egyptian Star Flower) along the side way of a shopping mall. Each flower looks like a star. Hope You like this flower that I share with You. May it brighten Your day 🙂 A Brief description of this flower is below. “Pentas lanceolata, commonly known as Egyptian… Read More

Sentimental Value of Beautiful Crocheted Red Jacket

Crocheted Red Jacket

  Oh dear friends, this beautiful red jacket with sentimental value was crocheted by my dearest grandmother when I was four years old.  I understand from my mum that my grandma got inspiration for the design pattern when she saw her friend’s daughter wearing it. It is still fresh in my mind that my grandma, sitting near… Read More