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‘Plants and Flowers’

Beautiful Potted Tangerine Tree

Potted Tangerine Tree My Friends, I am so happy to share this Potted Tangerine Tree with You. For Chinese New Year, this tree signifies wealth and prosperity. The beautiful tangerines also signifies gold. The happy atmosphere brightens and livens with this tree of prosperity. After new year, the tangerines can be preserved with salt and… Read More

Beautiful Bowl-Shaped Bush

Beautiful Bowl-shaped Bush The branches of this bush caught my attention,  they  grow bending in one direction. The leaves on top of  it are more greenery as they are newly grown.  From this angle, with its flat top and almost  round on both sides, it looks like a bowl to me. This beautiful bowl shaped bush was… Read More

Beautiful Trees Surround The Walkways

Beautiful Trees Surround The Walk Ways These beautiful trees surround the walk ways. They are like larger versions of  Bonzai that grow on the ground. As I look closely, they are vine like stems wrapping around the tree trunks and branches. I admire these trees as I walked pass them. They give me a serene… Read More

Fan Shaped Plant with Jagged Leaves

Fan Shaped Plant There are few beautiful Fan Shaped Plants growing beside a garden walkway. These Fan shaped plant caught my attention.   Beside having the leaves look  like big fans, end of the leaves are pointed and jagged (2nd Photo). When there is a breeze, the leaves move like fans. As I walk pass… Read More

Beautiful Bougainvillea Flowers

Pink Bougainvillea This Bougainvillea plant is placed near the window of the balcony. The pink flowers are very beautiful especially when there is direct sunlight shining through the window. The blooming flowers extended outside the balcony, therefore,  they not only brighten my balcony, but also beautify the window of the balcony. When I am on my way… Read More

Mimosa Plant – Beautiful Shy Plant

Mimosa Plant – Beautiful Shy Plant When I was a little girl, I like to touch the mimosa leaves. I was happy and excited to see the leaves fold up.  I call mimosa “shy shy” plant. I have forgotten Mimosa plant has flowers.  Recently walked pass a grass field, I saw mimosa plant scatter here… Read More