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Coach Carter Movie Review – Inspirational Sports Movie

Welcome to Coach Carter Movie Review. Its a Inspirational Sports Movie as it motivates teenagers and young adults to take importance in sports, studies and life. It is also a real life story of a dedicated coach towards his students who are able to receive his love care and guidance.

Coach Carter Movie Review - Inspirational Sports Movie

Coach Carter takes over as Coach of basketball team for Richmond High School. He teaches them the raw basics, train their basic stamina. And also important lessons in life. That is to treasure their lives, treasure their future and love themselves. The young adults at the basketball wanted to win the basketball championships but were not focused on their studies, so Carter locked out the gymnasium. He later explained to them good reasons to treat their studies seriously and why he locked out the gymnasium. Carter cares for his students and if you see the ending of the movie, some of the students made it to college with jobs. In essence, this is what I gather.

1) Treasure Your Lives, Encourage You to study for your sake and future
2) Treat Life, Basketball, Studies with sincerity, dedication, determination and love.
3) Love Your Life, Love Basketball, Love Studies.


A few suggestions You Can Do with this movie

1) Motivate Anybody whether it be kids, young adults, adults, old folks etc.. with this Movie
2) Reflect Upon this story and Gather Lessons from it.
3) Share Your Thoughts and What You have learned and understood.
4) Discuss talk about it among family and friends.

Enjoy This Movie and Cheers!

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