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Colourful Capsicum Chicken Curry Recipe and Delicious Fragrant Yellow Rice

Delicious Fragrant Yellow Rice and colourful Capsicum Chicken Curry Recipe

Simple Chicken Curry Recipe

Simple Chicken Curry Recipe

Recipe of Chicken Curry with Healthy Capsicum:

Ingredients (A):
– 2 chicken thighs (debone) 200 gm
– 2 potatoes (cut into pieces)
– Capsicum (3 colour): 100 gm

Ingredients (B):
– Curry paste 100 gm
– Chilli paste (optional)
– Lemon  grass – 1 stalk
– A Few Curry leaves

1. Boil cut potato then set them aside.

2. Heat up pot with 4 tbsp of oil, stir fry Ingredients B until fragrant.

3. Add chicken pieces and boiled potatoes into fragrant Ingredients B, stir fry all ingredients, add water (water level
just cover the chicken and potatoes).  Stir all ingredients evenly and cook with pot-cover until it

4. Add capsicum and cook for another 3 minutes or until chicken is cooked.

                   Ready  to serve, Yummy, Yummy

Tip: Cooking time depends on the size of the chicken pieces.

Delicious Colourful Fragrant Yellow Rice









Recipe of Fragrant Yellow Rice

Ingredients A:
– Rice 200gm (= 2 cups)
– Turmeric powder  1 tsp
– Fresh  milk  100gm
– water 100gm
– Oil 2 tsp
– salt 1/2 tsp.

Ingredients B:
– Onion (cut into rings)
– Cherry tomatoes -12
– Mixed beans & vegetables (packet) 100gm
– Dried raisins – 1 packet

1. Mix and cook Ingredient A.
2. Add Ingredient B ten(10) minutes before the rice is fully cooked.
3. When rice is cooked, stir all ingredients evenly.

Ready to serve with chicken curry. Enjoy  yourselves –

Enjoy Cooking This Colourful Capsicum Chicken Curry and Delicious Fragrant Yellow Rice

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