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Discover 3 Styles Chickpea Recipes via Videos

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Chana Masala – chickpea curry

Video Source: Chef Buck

Its a Simple To Cook Recipe. You can get the recipe and instruction details here >>>

The combo of curry and chickpea which i personally eaten before is really savory and yummy. Together with Bryani Rice, or even white rice, its delicious. You can also eat this chickpea curry with chapatti (flatbread) or roti prata (flour based pancake). Have fun cooking And Savoring This Dish.

Moroccan Chickpea Stew Recipe

Video Source: Heather Nicholds

Here is written recipe Link  Below >>>

I suppose eating this stew with rice is great. Anyways, the addition of olive oil makes this dish healthy. So go ahead and have fun cooking and savoring this moroccan chickpea stew.

Chick Pea Casserole Recipe

Video Source: Consuming Passions

The Recipe is at the youtube description of this video, you can visit here to check out written recipe >>>>

I would say even if you eat this chick pea dish just on its own, is pretty enough for a meal. If it is not enough, just eat a few more servings. Enjoy this chick pea casserole 🙂


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