Discover Delicious and Flavorful Steam Greasy Grouper Recipe

Steam Greasy Grouper

Dear Friends, This steamed grouper is a a family favorite and healthy choice  which is cooked with steaming. No water is added to the dish. Sincerely like to share this sweet flavorful dish with you.

Flavorsome Taste of Dish

Grouper meat is tender and sweet.  It savory as it absorbs the other flavors of ingredients. No water is added to this dish.

The soup is sweet and flavorful due to the freshness of grouper and fragrance of  ginger, spring onion and mushrooms. The salty taste of Crunchy Pickled Cucumber compliments sweet taste. Soft tofu are added to balance its saltiness. The juicy cherry tomatoes is sweet and tasty with delicious flavors bursting in your mouth.

The combination of ingredients that are steamed together gives greasy grouper dish a very flavorful taste.

Steam Greasy Grouper Recipe

Ingredients :
Greasy grouper
Dry mushroom (soak until soft and cut into strips)
Tofu (cut into cubes)
Pickled cucumber lettuce (10 pieces) and 2 tbsp of its juice.
Cherry tomatoes
Ginger strips (cut into strips)
Spring onion (cut into strips)
Red chili (cut into strips)

Condiments :
Mirin (or rice wine) : 2 tbsp
Cooking oil
White pepper powder

Simple Cooking Method :

(1) Remove gills and intestine of grouper, rinse and wipe it dry. Marinate with some salt and pepper powder.

(2) Place grouper onto  tray, stuff stomach with half of the amount of ginger and onion strips, spread all the ingredients around the grouper except the balance ginger strips.

Ingredients for Steam Greasy Grouper Recipe

(3) Before steaming, add in two tables spoons of pickled cucumber lettuce juice and mirin. Steam for 15 minutes or until the grouper is cooked.

Steaming Greasy Grouper Recipe

(4) In the mean time, fry the other half of ginger strips with 2 tbsp of oil until golden brown. The oil is full of ginger fragrance.

(5) Before serving, pour ginger oil onto the greasy grouper, sprinkle with white pepper powder and garnish with onion, chili and crispy ginger strips.

*** The cooking time varies on the size of grouper fish and type of steamer used ***

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