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Discover Mushroom Growing Tips and Cute Interesting Mushroom Growing Kit

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Dear Friends and Enthusiast for Mushroom and Gardening, Check Out Video Below.

Part A

Hey, Sincerely recommend You Fun Interesting Mushroom Growing Kit This mushroom kit is called Organic Mushroom Farm
You can get it here >>

Advantages of this Kit,

1) Build Bonds with Family,Friends and Kids doing this project or fun activity of growing mushrooms together.

2) Explain To Your Friends Families and Kids to treasure their food and understand the importance of food.

3) Grow, Maintain, Harvest and Cook it, Savor Delicious healthy Dish :))

4) An extra tip is to involve Your kin or friends in the cooking process as well. Let them understand and appreciate the effort for cooking, setting tables, preparing plates and cutlery. They can start to appreciate the whole process from growing, harvesting, cooking , clean up dishes. A meal has alot processes, this is a good learning experience.

Note: Its fun, its a learning experience, You get 1 and half pounds of mushrooms or more.

In the video there are tips for the kit, You can get 5 crops if you place

1. this kit has to be in a relative dark and moist areas in your home. ( you can also grow with indirect light from kitchen or under shade.

2. Spray water 2 times a day once in morning once in afternoon


For the First Video, you are introduced to growing mushrooms with straw. Here are the summary of the tips below.

1. Sweet Straw, Aged Straw is the better choice compared to fresh straw. If straw discolors it is not good for growing.

2. Spread a couple of layers few inches thick of straw as bedding material. Add your inoculum , spread them around the straw. fill up 2 to 3 layers of straw again.

3. Cover inoculum with 2 or 3 inches of straw

4. Turn sprinkler on and water it.

5. After couple of months it will start producing.
Video Credits:

1) Growing Mushrooms with Straw

Video Link:

2) Organic Mushroom Farm Kit
Source: VideoActionNetwork

Video :


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