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Discover Various of Weed Control Methods and Management

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Hey Gardening Enthusiasts, Weed Control Methods and Management Techniques, Methods and Experiences are shared in video below. Its a compilation of various videos from universities to farm owners and its under 2 hours worth of videos on managing weeds. Herbicides to machinery etc.. are covered in this video. Enjoy Watching Video and Hope it helps you get healthy plants, trees and crops etc..

Source for Video 1 to 11: UWyoExtension
1) Spring Weed Control
2) Fall Weed Control
3) Weed Management Series
4) Choosing the Right Herbicide
5) Tips for Improving Herbicide Success
6) Pre-Emergent Herbicide
7) Weed Eating Precautions & Techniques
8) Restringing a Trimmer
9) Weed Barrier for Weed Control
10) Tree Suckers and Roots in the Lawn
11) Rangeland Weed

Free App : NDSUExtension

12) Weed Control in Corn – Pest Management App

Rotary Method: africaricecenter
13) Using the Rotary Weeder in Lowland Rice

Source Video 14 to 21: PublicResourceOrg

Weed-Control Machines Series
14) Fiddlehead Farm, Brownsville, VT
15) Edgewater Farm, Plainfield, NH
16) Harvest Farm, Whately, MA17) Crossroad Farm, Fairlee, VT
18) Arean Farms, Concord, MA
19) Kestrel Farm, Westminster, VT
20) Four Corners Farm, Newbury, VT
21) Killdeer Farm, Norwich, VT

Video is Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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