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Dogs And Puppy Do Not Want To Take A Bath Video Compilation

My Goodness these Dogs and Puppy do not want to take a bath and are resistant to it. I was wondering a bath is so relaxing and enjoyable. What are the reasons they do not want a bath. Oh my, But anyways, they are cute too. Perhaps with some training and patience they want to in the future. Anyways, enjoy the video below and have fun and laughter.

Video Source: Anthony Zheng Gao

Video Credits

1) Puppy Making Cute Sad Noises While Bathing

Video Channel: Yallet The bichon

I Suppose this cute litte smoochi Puppy doesn’t want to take a bath is not happy and rather sad while taking a bath, oh poor thing but bathing is good for it and its hygiene. Bear with it Cute Puppy.

2) Dog Makes Rather Frustrated and Resistive Bark when Take a bath Word is mentioned.

Channel: Roxy20110

Dog is so unwilling and barks makes sad resistance growls. Oh my such resistance to relaxing bath. Oh Dog, kindly accept the bath offer okay, don’t be naughty and resistant. What a Protest !!!

3) Reversal Mode when it comes to Bathing

Channel Source: Super Funny Videos


Haha, Doggie reversals its steps when a invitation for bathing begins, My goodness, Its so funny when it reverse it steps. Oh Such A cute One !!

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