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Foods For Improving Blood Circulation

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Foods like chilli peppers, potatos, lentils and beans are good for blood circulation. Althought they say drink plenty of water, but what i know is celery can thin the blood. Blood thining does help to improve blood circulation. Please take note that your should not overeat celery to thin your blood, eat moderately. I have more info in the later part of this blog post. Do not drink too much water, you will get water poisoning if you drink too much water. Always do it in moderation. Vitamin C is also important i would suggest blue berries and oranges. Garlic also contains omega 3 fatty acids and like i said reduce blood cholestrol and blood pressure.

Some Facts about lentils

“Equally important is the magnesium which enhances the blood circulation and prevents veins from blocking.”

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Some Facts About Chilli Peppers

“They are very high in potassium, magnesium”

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If you read the previous paragraph, you will know that magnesium enhances blood circulation. Cayenne Chilli Peppers are the ones you should target but other colors like yellow, orange, green are great too. Well Cayenne Chilli Peppers are actually red in color. So you can actually buy them from the supermarket.

Well about blood thinning you got to eat foods like celery moderately too.

Too much celery is bad and just the right amount is good. Do not eat it everyday, eat it once in while.

So now, you get blood circulation and get your blood to be thinner all in a healthy moderate way, its a good start for health. I am going to eat those foods moderately. Notice i say moderately. Yes it is important to do in a matter that benefits. It is about quality and not quantity.

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