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Healthy and Savory Fried Prawns with Snow Peas and Baby Corns Recipe

Fried Prawns with Snow Peas and Baby Corns

Hi Friends, fresh snow peas and crunchy baby corns with savory prawns are delightful and tasty. Variety of tastes of ingredients makes it yummy dish to savor 🙂 It is also healthy as well with a mix of veggies and seafood. 

Fried Prawns with Snow Peas and Baby Corns Recipe

Ingredients :
– Prawns : 300 grams
– Snow Peas : 100 grams
– Baby Corns : 80 grams
– Ginger : 3 thin slices
– Garlic : 4 cloves (slightly smash them)
– Cooking oil :
– Salt and Seasoning (to taste)

Condiments for marinating prawns :
– Oyster sauce : 1 tsp
– Light soy sauce : 1 tsp
– Rice Wine : 1 tbsp
– Raw sugar (or sugar) : 1/2 tsp
– Corn flour : 1 tbsp

Simple Way of Cooking :

(1) Marinate prawns with all the condiments, set aside in refrigerator for half an hour.

(2) Scald snow peas in hot water until they become more greenish Also scald baby corn in hot water for a while too. Drain water from them and set them aside.

(3) Scald prawns in hot oil until its cooked, drain oil and set aside.

(4) Heat up pan with 1 tbsp of cooking oil, saute ginger and garlic until fragrant.

(5) Add in snow peas and baby corns, some salt and seasoning to taste,  quickly fry and mix all ingredients for about a minute. Return the prawns to the pan and mix all ingredients. Ready to serve.

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