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Fun Hobbies To Do

I am going show you 3 kinds of fun hobbies that suits both guys and girls

First is go cart, then a whole video list of arts and crafts videos 93 in total. The last one is model making and it can cars building or art works.  If you actually go pinterest arts and crafts are epics there.

Now why did i pick go cart racing as hobby. Well if you like nascar and forumla 1 but really do not want to go pro, i suggest you just do it for fun at gocart. But you must take note of safety with helmets and safety belts.  I mean sports car i believe appeals to both genders. Though my video below is about a go cart indoors competition that is pretty fast, i really think that first you must be well trained with years of experience before attempting that. I suggest just enjoying it cruising it a slow speed at the comfort our time. I prefer that myself. Safety is very important, at bend or curve if you are not careful and you speed, an accident may happen. So Safety first. Anyways, just enjoy the video below

Video Source: bradscottphotography from

As you seen at the start there are safety checks, like i said safety is important. Wow really some driving skills man!

Well you get a preview, hope you like. GoCart is good for reflexes,hand eye leg coordination, focus and concentration.

Just Found about 93 Videos Playlist on Arts and Crafts

Video Source: SakuraColorProducts from

Second its arts and crafts. Well arts and crafts can be a fun hobby you can try out different patterns and designs. So enjoy the video playlist.

Model Making Fun

Video Source: denjihead from

The entire video is pure enjoyment. I think its kind of cool to assemble a model car by yourself. I mean its not easy for a real car. A Real Car or even go carting takes alot of time. There many possibilities, you can even make toy houses like barbie toy houses. Its like you do not necessary have to buy from shops ready made, you can DIY (Do it Yourself) If you have time. If you made a gift for your spouse, kid or family, they will be jumping with joy versus buying one ready made, its more sweeter if you ask me. It can be a hobby or you can sell your creations at, or on your own website. Go to Forums, Social And Promote it. I mean its up to you.


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