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Fun Places In The World

Anime Maid Cafe in Akihabara Japan

Video Source: TokyoMoEStyle from

The cafe is Sengoku Cafe and Bar Mononopu. The name of the cafe is Mononopu. The cafe type is sengoku. Apparently Sengoku is the ancient warring period of Japan in the 17th century. Man, Anime Cosplay and Your own maid in a cafe in ancient clothing oh my gosh Happy!!!. Thats Pure Fun. I believe it will appeal to both guys and girls. Anyways, the maid in the cafe custom makes a rabbit pattern for your drink. Wow sweet Eh!!!

White Post Farms In Long Island

Video Source: TheWhitePostFarms from

To be honest when i saw the video, i think it is kind of cool to touch animals and be around them. You get personal touch and really get to know the animals. But after touching, please wash your hands with soap. Because, i believe after touching and enjoying their company, either you or your kid going to eat a ice-cream or go for a meal. Anyways, it has small little cute houses. If you go there and take pictures, you are bound to have pleasant memories.

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Wild Wadi Dubai FlowRider

Video Source: Adrian Avila from

To honest, when i saw the video, i think its great excitement at this indoor water sports complex. The wild wadi offical website is here

Minituare Fun In England

Video Source: Tim’s Railway Videos from

Its minituare Fun at The Model Village Godshill Ilse of White. There are tons of other places around the whole with minituare.

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