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Fun Ways To Eat Bacon

Mini Bacon Egg Toast Breakfast Cups

Video Source: FifteenSpatulas

This girl Joanne gives clear cut straight to the point no fluff explanation on making that breakfast cups. I would say making the cups is really cute. She specifically makes it which i believe as a snack for Mother’s Day. There is a reason for her making a snack. First, it takes less time. Second, its like made with love and effort. Third, ladies like cupcakes. My own mum used to be crazy over cup cakes.

Super Fun Way To Make A Pie with Bacon

Video Source: Tasted

I thought the guy was going to sprinkle bacon, He absolutely laid it on the pie with a lot slices. The video is fun because first of all the guy is pretty funny if i might say. Humor is blasting in your face. It seems he is enjoying. Really affects your appetite (just joking). There are many steps but he has this simple banners which detail them with a visual hands on practical cooking. Once in a while, he snags his beer while cooking. Naughty Naughty! Mind you his pie filling has beer in it. Oh Oh my! You have got to check out the ending part of the video with real people reviewing it. Its so super funny. They taste the budweiser in the pie. I am laughing without stopping. Most people say its a great receipe. I mean its really interesting to taste beer in a pie. Pretty Creative don’t you think. The verdict is sexy smooth soul food. You got to try this for fun Man! Never knew cooking could be so funny and so much fun.

Bacon, Rapini and Ricotta Pasta Recipe

Video Source: kincommunity

Seems like a new combo to me. Never seen it before. But the fun part is this is a special of cooking. The lady seems a bit serious but i believe she enjoys cooling deep down. So enjoy the video as well. Anyways, like i say the cooking steps are super fun. You get to melt Ricotta. Oh my goodness. I like creamy stuff.


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