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Grilled Shishamo With Red And Green Chilies Recipe

Grilled Shishamo with red and green Chilies

Hello my Friends, like to share with you this grilled crispy and flavorful Shishamo fish with red and green chilies.

Shishamo fish is about 13 cm in length and 2cm in width, and yet it has a lot of fish roe in its stomach which makes it a delight to savor. Hope You like my recipe sharing.

Grilled Shishamo With Red And Green Chilies Recipe Cooked With Go Chef Cooker

Ingredients :
– 24 Shishamo fishes
– Few green and red chilies (optional)
– Salt
– White pepper powder
– Corn Flour

Simple Way of Cooking :
(1) Remove gills and intestines from Shishamo.

(2) Marinate Shishamo with some salt and pepper.

(3) Cover Shishamo with Corn flour before Lining them on the rack. Get ready for grilling.

Ready To Grill Shishamo In Go Chef Cooker

(4) Grill at 240 degree C for 30 minutes. Add in the chilies after grilling 15 minutes, continue to bake until golden brown.

(Temperature and timing varies with different devices, this dish is cooked with Go Chef 8 in 1 Cooker.)

Grilling Shishamo And Chilies In Go Chef Cooker

This easy to make dish is cooked with Go Chef 8 In One Cooker Grilling. Recommend You to check it out below.

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