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Healthy Chicken Soup Cooking Method and 3 Recipes with Vegetables

Healthy Soup Recipe with Vegetables

Hi Dear Friends, I like to share with you my method for making healthy soups. 3 simple vegetables cooked with chicken soup recipes will be shared with you.

How is the Soup Cooked?

Chicken bones or pork ribs are used to cook soup with vegetable. The soup is prepared one day beforehand, using slow cooker to cook the pork ribs or chicken bones. When the soup is done, let it cool, then transfer to glass pot. After that, store the soup in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, use a spoon to remove the top layer of chicken fats, bring the soup to boil and add vegetables. Some salt and vegetable seasoning to taste is added to flavor it.

For the recipes as shown below, chicken bones are used. Discover the steps from instructions and pictures below. Enjoy Reading 🙂

(1) Two Sets of Chicken Bones

Chicken Bones

(2) In slow cooker, add 1 liter of  water to cover the chicken bones.

Chicken Bones in Slow Cooker


(3) After Cooking Chicken Soup for 4 to 5  hours, leave it to cool. Cover pot or seal with plastic cling wrap, keep in refrigerator overnight

Chicken soup after cooking for 5 hours

(4)  The next day, a thick layer of fats forms on top of chicken soup.

Thick layer of fats on top of chicken soup after refrigerated

 (5) Remove the fats from the soup.

Remove Chicken Fats from Chicken Soup

(6) A healthy chicken soup is now ready.  Add in any type of vegetable.

Chicken soup after fats has been removed


Three Healthy Chicken Soups with Vegetables

1. Chicken Soup with Water Cress

Reheat the chicken soup, when it boils, add in water cress, salt and seasoning to taste.

Chicken Soup with Water Cress

2. Chicken Soup with Cabbage and Seaweed

Bring the chicken to boil again, add in cabbage first, let the cabbage boil for a while to retain its crunchiness . Then add in seaweed, some salt and seasoning to taste.

Chicken Soup with Cabbage and Seaweed

3. Chicken Soup with Spinach

Bring the chicken soup to boil again, add in spinach, some salt and seasoning to taste.

Chicken Soup with Spinach

Enjoy Cooking !!! Friends 🙂

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