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Hobby Electronics Video

Hobby Electronics Video

Below are some hobby electronics videos for you

Fun Spy Car

Video Source: MrHobbyelectronics from

It is a real fun toy car if you ask me.

USB Mini Inspection Camera with Magnet, Hook, and Mirror

Video Source: JaycarVideo from

You can find lost items with this mini gadget. The fun part is if you made it yourself, you get a sense of achievement.

Below are a list of materials needed

• Mirror and magnet pick-up tool included
• Flexible cable neck: 50cm
• USB cable length: 146cm
• Lens: F#:2.3 , 54 degree viewing angle
• Focal distance: 6cm-infinite
• Video capture: AVI 640×480 pixels
• Frame rate: 15fps @ 640 x 480 pixels
• Snapshot button and LED lighting adjustment are built into the cable.
• Software included
• USB powered
• Size: 10(Dia) x 1960(L)mm
• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7

Fun Robot Making

Video Source: hensley86 from

Wow, thats fun with a wii controller. You can check out his site at

Hope you enjoy some electronic fun!


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