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Homeroom on The Beachside Drama Series Review – Taiyo to Umi No Kyoshitsu

Homeroom on The Beachside Drama Series Review is a fun, interesting and meaningful drama series. A touching inspiring story of a teacher in prep school who encourages and inspires his students, teachers and parents.

This Teacher acted by Yuji Oda,named Sakutaro Sakura changes the lives of students. How did he do that? Love sincerity and his wisdom. He is a inspirational, fun loving,caring, smart and wise teacher. He uses unique and interesting to guide students to the right path. He is also doing what he wants to do truly from his heart. And another fact is that he truly deeply cares for others. Besides being passionate, he is a intellectual too, having a MBA (Masters of Business Administration Qualification). Read more about him below.

“The homeroom teacher of class 3-1 and a Japanese language teacher. He is an economics graduate from Tokyo University, and obtained an MBA from Stanford University when he was just 24 years old. When he was on a job assignment in Africa, he was so moved by a native boy’s desire to learn that he changed profession to become a teacher. He was invited by principal Kyoka to teach at the high school. Due to his background, his teaching philosophy differs from other teachers as he emphasises values over grades. This has led to disputes with other staff members, and in particular, chairman Kamiya.”

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Homeroom on The Beachside - Taiyo to Umi No Kyoshitsu

As the show progress, the lives of the teachers, students change for the better. Their thinking and how they feel improves and they open up their hearts and mind. Some of the translated words are below.

(These sayings from Teacher of this Drama show is collected by mum Stella San.)

“As a person who goes through life, we don’t determine limits. You have to believe in “possibility” this word.

“As a person who goes through life, do not set boundaries on your own “life map”, but look further outside your life map, into further areas”

“To do or not to do is determined on the whether you decide to do it”

“No matter, where you are, during whatever time, You must always face the mirror, be courageous to face yourself. ….. Always remember to sincerely ask yourself a question, are you being yourself ? Are you really facing the reality of your life at this present moment and time? ”

Students are 18 years of age at this point : “Teacher hopes that You students use 10 years to come up with an answer to a question. This question does not involve name, academic qualifications, job, gender or nationality, but the question is Who Are You?

Lets turn attention to the students, some of them overcame their doubts, family situations, love matters etc.. It is impactful to them and also to teachers, parents as well. Highly encourage you to watch this Japanese Drama Series with English and Chinese Subtitles”

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