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How To Add Media Files In WordPress With 3 Ways

A Video Demo Walk through on How to Add Media Files In WordPress in 3 Ways. Each way or method allows You to add Your media files. At bottom of blog post is a link to media file formats WordPress supports. This is important if You are hosting media files in Your own hosting server usign WordPress.
[videoadplayer id=”39871″]

Video Summary :

1) Add Media From Your WordPress Post or Pages.
   1.1 Upload Photo
   1.2 Select From Media Library
   1.3 Insert URL

For Photos, when You click Upload, You can add Your Description, Edit Title, Alt Text, Caption and Alignment, Point the Photo to Destination URL or none (When You click on the photo, it stays on the blog post or page.)

For Videos and Audio , after You upload, You can edit title, description, input caption embed or link out to another web page.

2) Add Your Media files from Add Media Tab.
   2.1 Upload Media File
   2.2 Drag and Drop Media File

3) Using Add Media from Media Library ( You can also upload media or drag and drop too)

4) What Media File Types Do WordPress support?
Check them Out here >> is licensed under: 

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