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How To Boost Brain Power – Practical Tips You Can Do Easily

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Check out the clear cut straight to the point video on Improving Brain Power

Video Source: Thriveworks from

Few Tips from the video the first would be to limit email. But i feel that though we get a lot messages, the way to train ourselves is to read the important ones and ignore spam. You are training you brain to differentiate good offers and good emails. That is a positive way of checking emails.

Second Tip would be to exercise, well exercise actually is known to make you feel better and relief tension and stress. When you feel better, you sleep better as a result better brain power. So take a jog, a walk, go to the gym take a swim or do weights. You tend to think better when you feel better so start exercising now. Of course, the presenter talks about improving blood flow and concentration, physically exercise helps too.

Then comes to reading, when you read, learn to think, analyze and understand the content. When you do that, you are training your brain.

Reflection is great to reorganize and understand what happened, understand yourself and others more. It trains you to think through matters and analyze.

About sleep, more info is below. You definitely need better sleep. You need to rest your brain and power.

“Improve your memory by sleeping on it

When you’re sleep deprived, your brain can’t operate at full capacity. Creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills are compromised. Whether you’re studying, working, or trying to juggle life’s many demands, sleep deprivation is a recipe for disaster.

But sleep is critical to learning and memory in an even more fundamental way. Research shows that sleep is necessary for memory consolidation, with the key memory-enhancing activity occurring during the deepest stages of sleep.”

Excerpt Source:

But the tip i am about sleeping properly would probably very simple. Stay positive and happy throughout the day if possible. And during the night, you will sleep better.

Hope it has been helpful to you.


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