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How To Take Care Of A Hamster For Beginners

Discover How To Take Care of Hamsters for Beginners When You Start To Adopt One

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Below is another Basic Guide To Care for Hamster

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Lets Go Through A Few Species of Hamsters for Health Care

First In Line is Djungarian hamster

Pet ownership
Djungarian hamsters are often found on the pet market in Europe and North America.[2] Care of the Djungarian hamster is similar to all other species of Phodopus.[23] Djungarian hamsters, along with most rodents, are prone to tumours. They can also receive injury in the cheek pouch by sharp objects damaging the fragile inner lining. Other health problems include bite wounds, broken teeth, constipation, dehydration, dental malocclusion, diarrhea and ear problems.[24] The Djungarian hamster is easy to tame. In addition to natural colourings in the wild, (“ruddy” or “agouti”) Djungarian hamsters in captivity come in a variety of different colours

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Second In Line is Golden Hamster

The golden hamster can contract contagious reticulum cell sarcoma[17] which can be transmitted from one golden hamster to another by means of the bite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti.[18]

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Last In Line is Roborovski hamsters

Roborovski hamsters, being fast, agile, and naturally timid or shy, are generally recommended as “look but don’t touch” pets. Loud noises can agitate them, and they are extremely skittish. As they rarely bite, Roborovski hamsters may make good pets for owners who enjoy interactive play (in which the hamster explores its owner). This may also provide time for taming them. As light may sometimes disturb them, red lights are recommended to allow an owner to view the hamsters without disturbing them; Roborovski hamsters are unable to see red light.
Roborovski hamsters are great climbers, like other hamsters. They also like to tunnel and run. Roborovski hamsters are known to sleep in their wheels, especially in wheels with banked edges.
Robos like to be in pairs, so it is easier to breed them. Many roborovski hamsters can be seen sleeping next to each other. They are also a common dwarf hamster sold at pet stores.
Although claimed to be hypoallergenic, Roborovski hamsters have been associated with the development of asthma in previously asymptomatic owners.[14]
Roborovski hamsters do not particularly take to eating the pellets found in most common retail hamster foods.[10][13][15]

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