Japanese Curry Pork Slices Recipe

Japanese Curry Pork Slices with Potatoes and Onion

Japanese Curry Pork Recipe

Ingredients for Japanese Curry Pork Slices Recipe :

Japanese Curry Sauce MixBoiled Potato CubesOnions

– Japanese Curry Sauce Mix : 90 grams (break into small pieces)
– Pork Lean meat : 400 grams (sliced)
– Potatoes : (cut into cube)
– Onion : (Cut into rings)
– Few curry leaves (optional)
– Chilies (optional)
– Cooking Oil : 3 tbsp
– Water : 1 Cup

Method :

(1) Cut Potatoes into cube, boil them until cooked.

(2) Heat up 3 tbsp of oil in skillet, stir fry onion until lightly brown, add meat slices and Japanese Curry Sauce Mix , stir fry and mix all ingredients.

(3) Add in cooked potatoes and one cup of water. stir until sauce mix completely melt.

(4) Simmer 2-3 minutes, stir constantly until sauce  thicken and meat is tender.

Note : Adjust water volume to the desired thickness of sauce.