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List of Fun Sports For Kids

The first one i am introducing you is captain ball, i suppose this game would appeal to kids that are little older between 7 and above. They could be younger if they can understand the rules. The second one is shooting soccer stars, thats for really young kids below 5. But older children can play them too if they like. As for the last one which is warm up basketball game tag ball, its for 13 and above. Of course this is my suggestion. To me its quite dynamic, if he or she is familar then under 13 is okay. But age 7 and below may be its not easy for them to understand the game.

First Off – Captain Ball

Video Source: Jun Wah Cheong from

From the video you can see a preview of how its played. Why did I choose captain ball? It fun like basketball but less tedious, you do not have to bounce the ball. Require team work, a bit of running, team coordination and also burns off some calories. Well i played it in my early years before, compared to basketball it is less tiring. The score needed is just ten. There are many good points, you do need a basketball court for the ball, just a person to stand on the chair and hold the basket for the scoring. Simple, clear cut, exciting, definitely fun for your kids.

For the full rules,you can click the link below.

Source: Rules of Captain’s Ball | eHow

Next in line is Soccer Shots Shooting Star

Video Source: Robin Tilley from

For younger kids, i think this game is pretty neat, all they have to do is to knock down the stars poles with the soccer ball. I believe it trains their focus, accuracy and judgement. Soccer is a great game and of course alot of calories burn from running.

Lastly, Tag Ball – Some Basketball Fun

Video Source: Gary Maitland from

There rules are pretty much explained in the video. Its high intensity and exciting if you ask me. But like i say, its for teenagers i think. Of course, younger kids can try.

In summary, i would think you consider try water sports like water polo and sailing if they basically like water. Anyways, safety comes first, always ensure that they are safe and are alert to the dangers. Especially in the sea because you never know if there are sharks in the water. I mean water polo at the swimming may be safer but you know sometimes sports can get rough so keep a look out.

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