Lovely Mini Mooncakes Recipe for Mid-Autumn Festival

Mini Mooncakes Recipe for Mid-Autumn Festival 

For these mini mooncakes, I have added custard powder. Together with the fragrance of custard powder, it also gives a smooth and softer texture. A tasty blend of tastes such as the sweet lotus seed paste, salty egg yolk and smooth fragrant mooncake skin is a delight to savor. Hope you like recipe I shared with you.

Tasty Mini Mooncakes

Photo of Ingredients for Mini Mooncakes 

Ingredients for Mini Mooncakes with salted egg yolk recipe

Ingredients : 
– 120 grams of top flour
– 30 grams of custard powder
– 50 grams of Soy Bean Oil (or any cooking oil)
– 100 grams of Golden Syrup
– 200 grams of Lotus seed paste ( ready-made)
– 10 salted egg yolks
– 1 beaten egg (for glazing)

Method :

(1) Whisk oil and syrup together until they are well mixed.

(2) In a big bowl, add in flour and custard powder, make a hole in the center, add in oil and syrup mixture, knead into dough. Cover dough with clear wrap, set aside for an hour.

Mixture of top flour with custard powder and oil with syrup for mini mooncakesAdd mixture of oil and syrup to the flour mixtureDough for mini mooncakes recipeCover mooncake dough with clear wrap

(3) Bake salted egg yolks at 200 degree C for 5 minutes. Set aside.

Baked salted egg yolks for mooncake recipe

(4) Divide lotus paste into 10 portions of 20 grams each. Wrap salted egg yolk with 1 portion of lotus paste.

Wrapping salted egg yolk with lotus paste10 salted egg yolks wrapped with lotus paste for mooncakes filling

(5) After one hour, divide the 300 grams dough into 10 portions, weighting 30 grams each.  Wrap 1 filling with 1 portion of dough, do the same with the remaining ingredients.  One by one, place mooncakes into mould, press firmly.

Mooncake dough divided into 10 portionsWrapping filling with mooncake doughPlace mooncake into mould

(6) Hold the mould handle and iron bar together to press out  mooncake and place onto baking tray.

Mini mooncakes for baking

(7) Bake in pre-heated oven at 200 degree C for 15 minutes, glaze mooncakes (for browning) with beaten egg and continue to bake for another 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Baked mini mooncakes with salted egg yolk

Mini Mooncakes with salted egg yolk recipe