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Lower Cholestrol Levels Without Drugs

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Basically Your Diet and Exercise are important factors to lower your cholestrol. Some of the foods they mentioned are garlic, onions, soy and soya products. They have omega 3 rich oils. Click This link to find out about –> omega-3 fatty acids cancer prevention info.

Oats and Carrot will dramatically reduce cholestrol and they are easily available from your supermarket or local store. I would go for that. Artichoke leafs also help body eliminate cholestrol faster. They also mentioned olive oil, well you can use it for salad dressings. I tried it for 2 months, you will learn to love it. Dried Beans, Oats and Barley will suck the cholestrol from digestive system. if you are seriously overweight you should start with the foods mentioned.

List of food mentioned that I recommend You
soy and soya products
Dried Beans
Olive Oil

Anyways, they did mention brisk walking but in my opinion slow jog is better if you can. Check out facts about cholestrol below. They are important facts from Doctor Mercola.

Some Facts on Lower Cholestrol From Dr Mercola

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Some Facts on Taking Drugs for cholestrol. Actually To Dr Mercola, he says that cholestrol is essential for body. Protects us from uv light rays. And the cholestrol level cannot be too low otherwise there will be problems. High good cholestrol is linked to long life. 75 percent of cholestrol is produced by liver. Exercise and reduce intake of foods Reduce intake of foods that increase blood sugar helps reduce cholestrol as well. But the 75% percent factor is from exercise. So start exercising now.

Read the excerpt from Dr Mercola’s website below.

“Because 75 percent of your cholesterol is produced by your liver, which is influenced by your insulin levels. Therefore, if you optimize your insulin levels, you will also regulate your cholesterol levels.”

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My suggestions would be cardiovascular exercise like slow jogging and muscle and weight training. Do muscle and weight training from upper to lower body including your head.

Some Important Extra Tips
To increase your internal qi and energy, you can try taichi or qigong. But learn from a experienced and ethical qigong and taichi teachers. And do a bit of research on the type of qigong or taichi and how it benefits your body. You can even try yoga if you. There are many kinds of yoga as well. They all help blood circulation which gives you good health as well.

Hope you like my blog post on Lower Cholestrol Levels Without Drugs!

Cheers To Lowering Your Cholestrol


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