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Motivational Videos For Sports

Get Top 5 Inspirational Sports Videos Below

Most of the videos are speeches. Because its the heart mind which is very important for sports. Enjoy!

Motivational Speech From Coach Kozak

Video Source: KozakSportsPerform

This is a real story of Coach Kozak. He talking about working more than others. Well my personal opinion is about the mindset of getting motivated to work really Hard. Bottomline are you working really hard? Are you really doing your best? Can you tell yourself, you done everything you can do. Coach Kozak’s website is Check it out. Its about the mindset of committment and dedication. I think about dedication- Can anyone say i am really dedicated to the sport. I am saying but of course have a balance in life with family and friends too. My personal take is what is your motivation to be dedicated? Is this a good question? I hope you are inspired. Wow, its really about the fighting spirit. Hurray Man!

The Heart Of Sports, You Have to see This

Video Source: miamihurricanevideos
Football Team — Miami Hurricanes

This Video is The Winner of the “Outstanding Promotional Video” category of the 2010 College Sports Media Awards.Wow they have been Nominated for “College Sports Video of the Year.” Narration by Maurice LaMarche. Anyways, the main point is the heart. What is your passion, what do you feel about it? When you feel about something, you are likely to act on it. There is love the sports you are in, the motivation will be there forever. What is the reason you are loving it? The funny answer it is because you love it from your Heart Within. You Love The sport because of many reasons. There is a fighting spirit in the particular sports that you love. There are team mates who battle with everyday. There is coach who truly cares you. Like i say it all adds up. But one thing that will never change is the love for the sport. So What Does Your Heart Feel?

Real Life Youth Coach Inspirational Speech

Video Source: secampbell00 from

Football Team – Colts

Youths out there or parents or even big brothers and sisters, Watch This, The Kids are freaking motivating. Wow, they start at young age. What this is how a Youth Coach motivate them. They are treated like adults Man!!! The speech is for college high school or professional atheletes. Goodness me ! Well i think its about the mental picture that the coach said. One more important point is love! You need for something to keep going.

The Power of Beliefs and Team Spirit and Team Work

Video Source: David Laurila from Football Team – Norwayne Bobcats

The power of belief and do not care about history past. Its yourself and the whole freaking team. Its about team work. Team Spirit is important. 1 stick can be broken. 10 sticks not easy, 100 sticks, super diffcult. Be united in a team and have power of Belief.

Movtivational Speech For Baseball Team

Video Source: dawgstud6894 from Clemson Tigers Baseball Coach Jack Leggett

After hearing the speech, yeah i think studies, sports your life is very important and like i said before it adds up to your sucess for your lives. It is about leadership and attitude too. Confidence is very important to say no to bad stuff. Its is about you. Its kind of good advice to listen. Its is not easy to listen. You need to humble. Which is pretty difficult unless you got a good postiive attitude you will listen and not be proud. Confidence is different from being proud. Its okay to have pride do not be proud. Then you will start learn and absorbing great advice and improve and never stop improving forever!

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Video Source: coachccrowley from Ray Lewis from Hurriances Football

Just realised the Spirit of the Coach is very important. Effort Hard Work is vital. Coach Ray also talks about focus. Important aspect too. Well i think the love for the team from the coach is very important. Because he beats his chest, which i believe he is talking passion and dedication from the heart.Anyway 9 minute plus speech so enjoy it.


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