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Healthy and Nutritious Banana

Healthy and Nutritious Banana Bananas have a sweet fragrant and are nutritious as well. They provide energy and I like to savor them for breakfast. Especially like to savor banana split ice cream. Fried banana fritters and banana cake are also savory delights for me.    

Beautiful Dragon Fruit

Beautiful Dragon Fruits I love the beautiful color of dragon fruit.  The type I bought has pink skin with white flesh and black seeds. Normally after taking this fruit out from refrigerator,  I cut the fruit into half and  scoop out the flesh with a spoon, then dice it.  The black seeds give fragrant taste… Read More

Baked Potato With Sausages and Cheese Recipe

Baked Potato With Sausages and Cheese The delicious taste of baked potato is further enhanced with eggs, sausage and cheese. Baked Mozzarella Cheese is crispy and tasty. They are used for browning of this dish to make it look appetizing. Eggs are used to solidify the ingredients together. Sausages makes dish even more delightful. It… Read More

Healthy And Refreshing Grapes Varieties

Healthy And Refreshing Grapes Varieties Usually, I like to buy seedless grapes. Trying different colors of grapes such as red, black and green grapes, I love them all. Black and red grapes are sweet and juicy. Green grapes are sour and appetizing which I enjoy savoring. Besides enjoy its taste, it is also very healthy… Read More

Delicious Juicy Jambu and Lovely Memories

Delicious and Juicy Jambu I love Jambu due to their Juiciness. Recalling my beautiful childhood memories, I used to exchange different colors of Jambu with my neighbor’s. I used to climb up the chair and pluck some of this fruits for exchanges. They are such happy,sweet and wonderful memories. Photo of Sliced Jambu   Photo… Read More

Sweet and Delicious Persimmon

Sweet and Delicious Persimmon I especially love savoring crunchy flesh persimmons. Some varieties are soft in texture. They have sweet fragrant taste and are a delight to savor. Dried Persimmons and snacks are treats I like to savor. Photo of Persimmon

Juicy and Sweet Water Melon

Juicy and Sweet Water Melon Hi Friends, for this particular watermelon, it is yellow flesh. They are sweet and juicy and are great for quench thirst and refreshing. You can also blend them into juice easily and add ice as cool drink.

Tasty Tomato Sauce Spaghetti With Minced Chicken Recipe

Tomato Sauce Spaghetti With Minced Chicken Sweet sour and tasty tomato sauce with spaghetti is a appetizing taste that makes You savor many bites. Chicken is specially fried with garlic, onions and extra virgin olive oil for fragrant and delicious taste. Healthy and colorful capsicum is then added to make dish more appetizing. Hope You like my recommendation.… Read More

Fragrant Crispy Cereal Prawns Recipe

Crispy Cereal Prawns Friends, crispy and delicious tasting cereal with prawns is a great combo. Fried cereal is fragrant and brings out the flavor of prawns. This is an easy to cook dish which is tasty as well. Happy savoring dish.                 Ingredients : – Tiger Prawns –… Read More

Sweet And Juicy Honey Mango

Sweet and Juicy Honey Mango Mango is one of my commonly savored fruits. I have eaten many varieties of mangoes. Once my friend gave me a 9 inch mango, I was overjoyed with gladness and awe. I often like to buy and enjoy savoring mango products like ice cream, yogurt, jellies, cakes, jam, preserved mango,… Read More