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Off The Grid Shipping Container Home Powered By Solar Energy

Introduce To Friends, A Off Grid Shipping Container Home Powered By Solar Panels. Welcome To Check Out Video Tour Of A Actual Eco Home the Structures, Power Panels, Materials Used and etc. Have A Fantastic Time Watching 🙂 Source Of Video Is From Mr D. I. von Briesen Video Is Under Creative Commons:… Read More

Rooftop Organic Greenhouse Farm With Sustainable Methods

Friends, welcome You To check out LUFA Farms, they utilise sustainable methodologies for Rooftop Organic Greenhouse Farm. Water, Energy and Space Saving, using Composting, Smart Ways To Control Pests. Converse And Protect The Earth While Providing Food To Benefit People Is Inspirational, Meaningful and Wonderful. Positive Impact !! Video is sourced With Thanks… Read More

Deep Water Culture System Setup Video Tutorial

A warm welcome to Friends To this easy to understand Deep Water Culture System Setup Video Tutorial. Enjoy Watching Tutorial. Video compiled by = Yeah Like Source Of Video With Thanks = License is under creative commons = Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

How To Bend Wood For Furniture Video Tutorial

Friends, share with small and large scale method of How To Bend Wood For Furniture. One method uses glue and plastic wrapper. The other uses Hot Steam Styrofoam Box. Enjoy Learning From Video Below. Video compiled by: Yeah Like Video Is Sourced from Individuals and Youtube Channel With Thanks To Them. 1) Using Glue… Read More