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Photography As A Hobby For Kids

Take note the video below is a playlist, after the video ends, it will continue to a new video, so watch on.

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Here is the list of content titles for the videos below

1) Proper Handling
2) Composition Rules
3) Focusing Tips
4) Flash Options
5) Shoot Locations
6) Managing Photos
7) Photo Editing Basics

7 Fantastic short to the point and simple to understand videos for your kids. It is a great starter beginner videos that are important facts for photography.

Benefits of Photography For Kids

1) They are trained to be responsible for the camera they have. Gives them a sense of responsbility to take care of their own stuff.
Since they have interest in it, they will also learn to be careful. If you seen the video above, cameras need to cleaned and maintained.

2) They learn how to have a visual concept. When they take a photograph, they need to visually think about how it would look like when its taken. So they think consider and plan with their own skills. So they get to think and analyze lighting, composition and so on. This is big benefit because, they train their mental visualization.

3) They will understand the important of skill sets. For photography, you need skill sets such as simple maintainence for cleaning the lens and camera body and also judgement and analysis. So they get to have a understanding that they need learn these skill sets in order to master photography. This hobby is a mix of many skills sets, you need to have hand to eye coordination as well. Timing is also important. These are valuable lessons.

4) Improve relationship and interaction between parent and child. You can discuss and do photography together as family activity. This will build communication and foster closer relationship with a common activity.

photography as a hobby for kids


A joyous experience

“Photography is visceral so it’s an ideal endeavor for even small children. They can have fun with creating imagery and will grasp even complicated principles of single-lens reflex (SLR) camera apertures, shutter speeds, lighting and more.”


Well actually, you can see that the complicated concepts is possible to be understood by children. But i think younger kids like 3 to 5 years old,i would not suggest digital slr cameras. They are kind of heavy as well. But if they have the natural flair and talent, go ahead, let them try it.

“One of my friends wants to give her son a project and thought a photography one would be fun! I love this idea and wanted to give you some ideas to do photography for kids.”


You can give a project with a theme example gardens or tourist attactions. Bring them out of the home and let them be observant of the enviroment. You can also ask them to take photographs of home sweet home as well, if they want to.

Another great suggestion is to set up private facebook group and have your kid share them there. Well As Kids, you can have your own private space as a diary of your photo collections.

Its pretty interesting when i wrote about this topic. Hope you like it.


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