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RC Cars A Good Hobby

RC Police Car Racing Fun

Video Source: hobbytron from

Source: The Benefit would be hand to eye coordination. You get better control and judgement. Yes it trains your judgment. The technique of controlling any RC Car is controlling the timing and distance with judgement. There is another way is to do it naturally without much thought. I think its way for fun, you do not have to worry about anything, you just have to play it naturally.

Few Games i suggest to increase your hand to eye coordination.

Game One – Road Course

1) Use a 10 meter string of any kind
2) Use scotch tape to paste the string on the ground. In case a small wind blows, it will stay on the ground.
3) Lay it on the ground, you can zig zag or make curves.
4) Place your car in the center of the starting point of the string.
5) Follow the Course.

It trains your control and focus.

Game 2 – Gliding Through 2 mountains

1) Create 2 Styrofoam boards or wood blocks with 45 angle slopes.

2) Place them opposite each other with a 1 meter length of any length you want

3) Make sure your RC car is able to glide from one block to the other.

This trains your judgement for speed and timing

Game 3 – Parking Gaming

1) Create a few Styrofoam boards U shaped.

2) Place the U Shaped on the ground.

3) Control till you can park into the U Shape Safely without hitting the edges.

4) You control the difficulty by making the U Shape from big to small. But the car has to fit in all of them

This trains your carefulness and improves on the control.

Check out the video below on A RC Competition, Look at How the RC Car Drifts COOL!

Video Source: rcTECHNODRIFT from

Wow, the RC car actually Drifts, Thats cool.

If you enter a competition, you will build your confidence and also compeitive spirit. You even your skills while competiting with other cars. It is entirely up to you whether you want to play it alone or at a competition.

I personally like to play it alone at my own time and space. If you like to compete and try out your skills, enter a competition.


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