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Reading As A Hobby Benefits

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You can see the benefits from the video above. I think they are pretty good points. Below are my own views on reading as a hobby.

Benefit 1 – Provides You A Learning Mentality

Would you humble yourself to read a book and think about the points its says? Of course, we need to proper frame of mind and sound judgement when reading anything. First of all, we learn to read which is analyze what the book is talking. You will form a habit of analyzing. When you read, the first step to have a learning heart and mind. It is like a attitude towards your life. You observe think about matters in your life as well. Its a good habit its a good practice. You open you mind to learn observe and analyze.

Benefit 2 – Building Focus and Attention

I believe when you read you will naturally have a strong focus. Of course i mean once in a while, we may drift off with our thoughts, but most of the time, you are glued to the words in the book. You basically doing one thing at a time and analyzing about many matters. It is still focus it is just you are thinking as you read.
Imagine this, if you build up your focus and attention. During a real conversation, you are able to capture every word and totally understand the whole picture and view point of the other person. It is really beneficial for counsellers or therapist to understand the patient or person’s view point. People want to understood and have attention and focus on them. I covered the attention part. So reading will actually increase your attention span direclty benefits your conversations and communications with people. When you are taking a exam, you need alot focus to read the questions carefully. One wrong word or one wrong number could mean alot difference in the grade marks.

Benefit 3 – Build Knowledge And Increase Understanding

First of all, without much explanation you increase your knowledge. And some of the knowledge will be with you for life because simply your remember it by understand. It seems to be surprising that once we undertand a concept we can remember it probably for life. And the part with increasing understanding, reading allow you to analyze and think about certain matters whether it is daily life, your mindset, general knowledge, literature, poetry and science. You probably seek to understand it by thinking about it. Once you have understood and awaken to a understanding, you probably remember it your whole life.


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