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Some RC Helicopter Fun – A whole Playlist You Will Like

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A Full 27 Video Playlist About RC Helicopter

Video Source: rchelicopterfun1 from

Some great tips about building your helicopter. I mean its kind of great to have a 10 day training presentation.

well you can buy ready made RC Helicopters if you do not want to buuld from sratch. Those that have some time and budget can really try to build it for fun. Building i think makes you understand your toy better. He did mention about getting ebooks and instructors. Have a learning attitude and its great to train your thinking, planning and creative skills.

If you want a tutorial on how to build a RC Heli, you can watch the video below. Its a full 30 mintue fun if you ask me.

Video On Assembling a RC Helicopter

Video Source: xhelicopter from

The video will show you how to install the electronics. Wow thats really important. Watch the full 30 mintues to see it done live!!


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