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Tom Yum Recipe Spicy, Sour Tom Yum Soup with Tom Yum Fried Rice

Join me at my Wonderful World cooking with Instant Paste and Sauces.

Today’s Recipe: Spicy, Sour Tom Yum Soup with  Tom Yum Fried  Rice.

I use the same type of Tom Yum Paste for Soup and Fried Rice.

Spicy, Sour Tom Yum Soup with Fried Tom Yam Rice

Recipe of  Spicy Sour Tom Yum Soup

Ingredients :
– 1 packet Tom Yum Paste : 200 grams
– Prawns, Squids, Mushrooms and Tomatoes (amount as desire)
(May add in the seafood that you favor)
– Chili and Lime juice (Optional)

Simple steps :

In a pot, stir fry 1 packet of Tom Yum Paste until fragrant. Add in 600 ml of water and all the ingredients. Stir evenly and cook until the gravy boils and the all ingredients are cooked.

(: (:  To enjoy the  hotness  and sourness of the Tom Yum Soup,  I added in Chili and Lime juice 🙂 🙂

Tom Yum Fried Rice

Fried Tom Yum Rice

Recipe of Tom Yum Fried Rice (4 Servings)

Ingredients :
– 1 packet of Tom Yum Paste : 200 grams
– Cooked Rice  (I used 2-1/2 cups of white rice before cooking)
– Prawn (cut into small portion)
– Mixed vegetables : 200 grams
– Cooking oil

Simple steps :
(1) Heat up pan with cooking oil, stir fry prawns until cooked. Set aside.

(2) With the same pan, add in Tom Yum Paste, cooked rice, mixed vegetables and cooked prawns, fry mix all ingredients until it absorbs all of the Tom Yum Paste and is uniformly brown.

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