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Tuberculosis vitamin C

Vitamin C can kill Tuberculosis Culture in Lab Watch The Video Below

Before i continue, the fact is researchers still need to experiment with people and animals though successful in Lab Culture Test.

Video Source: EinsteinCollegeofMed from

From the Video, i see that the Tugela Ferry South Africian Hospital (courtesy of Dr Bill Jacobs) is full of Tuberculosis patients. According to Professor William Jacobs, the Tuberculosis strains they find in the hospital are untreatable. This is scary if you ask me. The suprising fact is vitamin C kills it. In one of their test,They combined 2 chemcials called Cysteine and Isoniazid. The funny thing is it kills the TB. According to the Professor, Vitamin C and Isoniazid sterilize the TB culture. But taking a deeper step into the research, they used only vitamin C and it also kills TB as well. This is a ideal drug because it does not cause resistance.

This is exciting if you ask me. A paper published online May 21, 2013 in Nature Communications talks about this. But they still need to test it with people and animals to how Vitamin C reacts with TB.

The thing is TB can be drug resistant but For Vitamin C there is no resistance. This is good news.


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