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Youtube Video Optimization Example 1 (Permaculture)

Friends, welcome You To Check Out Youtube Video Optimization Tutorial Done By Me. This a workflow and drill that I do for my creative commons videos. Tips, Tricks and Techniques that I have learned over the years are shared with You. Enjoy Watching.

Points To Take Note
1. Have the audience in mind, what do they require, what are their needs?
2. Describing in articulate way that attracts the person.
3. Having a attractive thumbnail helps.
4. Understanding the content and content of creative commons video can fuel and jive for your title, description and subtitle ideas
5. Skills suggested to use are descriptive wording, analytical understanding, photo editing, video research skills
6. Suggested to use end screens (Best For Viewer, Other People Videos, including Subscribe tab.
7. Unique description of subtitles helps add interest and value.
8. Add to playlist is essential.
9. Using Vidiq helps you to get keyword tag ideas
10. Add references from or if possible.
11. Place your social media profiles in description.

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