My Cozy corner for relaxing and watching Television

July 28, 2014

My Wonderful World : Surrounded by Beautiful Flowers and Plants My Cozy Corner For Relaxing and Watching Television This is my cozy corner for reading books, listening to music and watching television. Looking at the balcony to my right,  flowers are beautiful and the green leaves hang down from the window, sway beautifully with the wind. It

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Beautiful memories in my little garden

July 22, 2014

Yeah! This picture of my secret garden is taken during new year. I was  busy shopping for flowers then. The little white flowers of the Orange tree attract yellow, white blue butterflies. Oh my, I was so happy! This colorful and beautiful little garden liven up my New Year mood.  

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Beautiful Hai Tang flowers

July 20, 2014

Beautiful Hai Tang Flowers Hai Tang flowers  is a direct translation from Mandarin. Its name is chinese flowering apple,Asiatic apple and Chinese crab. Its scientific name is Malus spectabilis. Got this info from Visit Here –> The plant is full of flowers with little leaves.  I have seen pink Hai Tang in a

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Yellow and Red Cattleya (Orchid)

July 18, 2014

Yellow Orchid This yellow and red  Orchid is at my balcony.  The contrast of  Yellow Orchid with Pink Cattleya in the center is very unique and looks outstanding and elegance. My balcony is brighten up with this beautiful orchid.  I love this orchid very  much. It is  captured as sweet memories from photo below.

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