Fish cooked with Nutritious Black Fungus
Pan Fried Fish with Nutritious Black Fungus Recipe

Black fungus is an edible mushroom or vegetable that has no flavor of its own. It has high nutritional value and lots of health benefits. Black Fungus contains vitamins B1 B2, and D,  very rich in protein, calcium, iron and a lot more. Here are some of the health benefits of Black Fungus : (1) […]

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Olive Oil Rice with Delicious Turmeric Chicken Recipe

Delicious and Simple to Cook Meal Olive Oil Rice Recipe (3 servings) Ingredients : – Olive oil : 2 tbsp – White Rice : 250 grams – Water : 250 grams – 10 Seedless black Olive (cut into rings) – Mixed vegetables : 100 grams – Salt (to taste) – Parsley flakes for garnishing. Simple […]

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Tumeric Rice and Fish with Curry Vegetable
Aromatic Turmeric Rice and Fish with Curry Vegetable Recipe

My family enjoyed this lunch menu: Aromatic Turmeric Rice cooked with fresh milk Delicious Fish marinated with Turmeric Powder Savory Vegetable Curry When all the dishes are ready to serve, you will realize there are not many INGREDIENTS USED with SIMPLE STEPS of cooking. Recipe of Turmeric Rice (4 servings) Ingredients : – Turmeric powder : 2 […]

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Bird of Paradise flower along the pedestrian
Beautiful Bird of Paradise Flowers

My Wonderful World Surrounded by Flowers and Plants. Bird of Paradise Flowers Vow! There is beautiful Bird of Paradise Flower along the pavement. These bird of paradise flowers  have  petals of brilliant orange color with green leaves. There are Morning Glory growing in between them and it makes the Bird of Paradise even more outstanding […]

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