Fried Salmon with Brinjal and Sun Flower Sprouts Recipe

Fried Salmon with Brinjal and Sun flower sprouts Hi Friends, I hope this dish brightens You with its colors. Healthy salmon with omega 3, brinjal, sunflower sprouts and tomatoes. May You savor its delicious taste and benefit from this healthy combo meal. Enjoy 🙂 Ingredients : * Salmon steak * 3 small brinjal (Cut into […]

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Fruit Salad For Breakfast and Their Health Benefits

Fruits Salad For Breakfast  Friends, I enjoyed the distinct fragrance and flavor of  these fruits here. In this fruit plate are strawberry, kiwi, cherry tomato, blue berry and apple.  They are sweet and juicy. Strawberry and kiwi are soft in texture, apple is crunchy, while for cherry tomatoes and blueberry, the sweetness and fragrance burst in […]

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Stir fry French Beans Recipe
Savory Fried French Beans with Garlic Recipe

Quick Stir Fry French Beans With Garlic Stir fry enhances flavor and crunchiness of french beans. Garnishing with crispy fried garlic further add on the flavor and taste of  french beans. With few ingredients and easy stir fry, I enjoy savoring this dish with satisfaction. Health Disclaimer: For Health benefits of french beans for You, consult […]

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