Oven Grilled Char Siu Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

August 17, 2015

Hello Friends, share with You oven grilled fragrant and savory Char Siu chicken drumsticks. These  flavorful and yummy chicken drumsticks were marinated with  ready-made Char Siu sauce for overnight in the refrigerator. These grilled fragrant Char Siu chicken drumsticks are very tender and juicy. Pamper Your tastebuds with this sweet and flavorsome tasting dish. Enjoy

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Hairy Plant that filled me with curiosity

August 13, 2015

Hello Friends, I was filled with curiosity about the name of this plant. I found this near a construction site. Its attracted me with the curly hair on it. Oh my, carefully look at this plant, some of the leaves have turn yellowish, I wonder how long can this little hairy plant survive (1st photo). Everytime as I

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