Mimosa Plant – Beautiful Shy Plant

October 26, 2015

Mimosa Plant – Beautiful Shy Plant When I was a little girl, I like to touch the mimosa leaves. I was happy and excited to see the leaves fold up.  I call mimosa “shy shy” plant. I have forgotten Mimosa plant has flowers.  Recently walked pass a grass field, I saw mimosa plant scatter here

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Fried Pomfret and Sambal Dipping Sauce Recipe

October 21, 2015

Fry Pomfret and Sambal Dipping Sauce Recipe Hi Friends, share with You crispy Pomfret with Sambal dipping sauce. Pomfret, after frying,  has a  distinct fragrance, the fish meat is firm, the head, fin and tail are very crispy to savor with. To savor this fish dish, I specially cook Sambal for dipping sauce. Lime juice is

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Black Beans Salmon with Capsicum Recipe

October 9, 2015

Black Bean Salmon with Capsicum Recipe Hello my Friends, share with You savory and flavorful salmon steak and capsicum cooked with black beans. You will definitely savor  flavorsome salmon and crunchy capsicum with the nice fragrance of black beans that is cooked with it and infused into this dish. Ginger and garlic are used to cook

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