Flavorful and Spicy Sambal Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

November 28, 2015

Spicy Sambal Chicken Drumsticks Recipe  Hello Friends, delighted to share with You Yummy and flavorful grilled chicken drumsticks cooked with my home-made  Sambal sauce. Before cooking  the chicken drumsticks  in sambal sauce, they are oven grilled to retain their crispiness of the skin and juiciness of the meat. As I savor the spicy Sambal Chicken drumsticks,

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Fragrant and Delicious Lychees

November 24, 2015

Fragrant and Delicious Lychees  The outside skin of these Lychees are green with red patches , rough texture but thin and easily removed.  The flesh is translucent and white which is juicy with very sweet taste. Lychees are eaten in many different dessert dishes. I like making lychee almond dessert, jelly with lychee fruits. It

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Beautiful Trees Surround The Walkways

November 20, 2015

Beautiful Trees Surround The Walk Ways These beautiful trees surround the walk ways. They are like larger versions of  Bonzai that grow on the ground. As I look closely, they are vine like stems wrapping around the tree trunks and branches. I admire these trees as I walked pass them. They give me a serene

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Vegetables Salad with Egg Recipe

November 16, 2015

Vegetables Salad with Egg Recipe Hello Friends,  share with You this healthy and flavorful vegetable salad.  Besides having this salad as my daily veggies diet, it also serves as my weight loss meal. I savor this mix vegetables with different  flavors and tastes, such as juicy and sweet honey tomatoes, crunchy cauliflower, soft leafy bean

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Fan Shaped Plant with Jagged Leaves

November 11, 2015

Fan Shaped Plant There are few beautiful Fan Shaped Plants growing beside a garden walkway. These Fan shaped plant caught my attention.   Beside having the leaves look  like big fans, end of the leaves are pointed and jagged (2nd Photo). When there is a breeze, the leaves move like fans. As I walk pass

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Spicy Curry Vegetables Recipe

November 10, 2015

Spicy Curry Vegetables Recipe Hi, my Friends, share with You this spicy goodness and aromatic curry vegetables. The delicious and fragrant  taste of  this dish comes from the combination of all the ingredients.  No salt and seasoning are added as dry shrimp give this dish a fragrant and salty flavor. The coconut milk enhances the

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Beautiful Bougainvillea Flowers

November 8, 2015

Pink Bougainvillea This Bougainvillea plant is placed near the window of the balcony. The pink flowers are very beautiful especially when there is direct sunlight shining through the window. The blooming flowers extended outside the balcony, therefore,  they not only brighten my balcony, but also beautify the window of the balcony. When I am on my way

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