2019 Orthopaedic Mobile Ergonomics Appliance

2019 Orthopaedic Mobile Ergonomics Appliance

December 8, 2018

Available Exclusively at MySmartphoneHealth.ca
100% of mature smartphone owners worldwide agree that they need this.
Hands Free, Wearable Comfort, Eye Level, Ergonomic Smartphone Use / Viewing.
Aerospace Engineered Weightless Design – Demanded by billions of humans.
Lightweight padded system balances less than 2 pounds resting on your shoulders (including the weight of your device)
Clinically proven neck pain and back pain relief – FDA Certified Posture Support
iLevel Ergonomics Canada introduces the Orthosis wearable docking station.
Aerospace Engineered
Health Canada FDA ISO Certified Posture Support
FDA Certified Manufacturer
Canadian Tooling and Machining Association

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